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Mr James Myers

I like clean code, naming conventions, elegant design, simple solutions and drinking tea!

My new SEO Tool: Meta Tag Checker allows you enter a Comma Separated list of pages to see what Meta Tags are on those particular pages.

Latest Articles

  • Maintainable CSS – Part 2 - Smaller CSS Files

    By James Myers

    • 22 June 2014
    • Smaller CSS, Maintainable Code

    This is part two in a series that explores different ways of making your CSS code easier to maintain and more efficient. The first part of the series talks about how CSS can be implemented in various ...


  • Web Cache Poisoning

    By James Myers

    • 19 February 2014
    • PHP, Security, Web Cache, Poisoning, SERVER_NAME

    If your website implements server side caching of content it is essential that you sanitise your cached content against any malicious code as this is the content that will get served to other users vi...